A team of experts

It feels different to work with us.

Alain Charbonnier

CEO & Founder
Los Angeles

Alain brings 25+ years of experience of executive management in the HighTech industry across USA, Europe and Asia, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

After 3 international relocations over the last 20 years and all the accumulated real experience, he decided to start this business out of Los Angeles, with some presence in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Orlando and New York.

In the last 10 years he has been growing an activity of investor, in the areas of international real estate, as well as energy. Both the market and the technology from our partners have driven the growth of several joint-ventures. He focused in researching and selecting early technologies that can be introduced and commercialized outside the US. He has always been involved in business and strategic partnership developments with large international projects, as well as significant mergers & acquisitions.

Passionate about flying, he is also a commercial instrument multi-engine rated pilot and has flown sea planes and helicopters.

Véronique Kleck

VP Research & Strategy – Executive Coach
San Francisco, Boston & Paris

Vero brings 20+ years of experience in successful business strategy and then executive coaching in the USA (Boston, San Francisco).

She provides life and executive coaching services, especially for French expatriates in the USA, turning any expatriation in a success story.

Vero moved to the US in 2004 and created several companies, helping entrepreneurs to build and grow their own businesses, especially within the MIT innovation ecosystem (Cambridge, MA), and then in the Silicon Valley (CA).

As director of Business Development of the MIT spin off Innovation by Design, a transdisciplinary think-tank, she has experienced the power of design for innovation. She decided to extend the benefits of the “problem solving” approach to her coaching and consulting activities, becoming Life Designer.

Passionate of cooking, interior design and literature, she shares her time between the USA, Italy and France.

Within MyExpat.US, she is in charge of research and strategy, focusing especially on issues related to expatriation, working with large corporations.

Michel Charbonnier

Senior Business Advisor
Orlando, Raleigh-Durham & Irvine

Bringing 15 years of engineering – that gave him an inquisitive and analytical mindset – and 10 years in real estate into the inspection world.

After moving to the Silicon Valley over 20 years ago as a post-graduate in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, he worked for 10 years designing new high performance chips for the Computer Industry for customers like Intel, Motorola or Asus. he developed technologies allowing new generation chips to have better performances while reducing power consumption.

He then dedicated time finding good investments for family and investors friends and selected mobile home parks as his main investment vehicle. Although ignored by the majority of investors as they are not trendy, they do bring a much better ROI than the usual residential & commercial real estate investments. He still owns and invests in them today.

After 10 years of active real estate investments, he decided to use his recurrent poor experience dealing with home inspectors to get into the home inspection business in order to provide better inspection experiences and services to buyers and home owners.

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