We are your first step in the US.
And your strongest support. Ever.

We serve French and English-speaking foreigners relocating to the United States. We work with you on planning the move, focus on your particular family needs and help find the home of your choice, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our values are trust, excellence and care. People are our passion and generosity is our mantra. We can help you with:

  • Housing and schools – school/universities and housing searches, nursery, neighborhood security check, zip codes, maps, weather, real estate agents, insurance, movers, water, gas, electricity, cell phone, Internet, US & European TV and alternatives.
  • Administration and law – social security, driver license and DMV, US mailbox, notary, consulates, IRS, immigration and business attorneys, lawyers.
  • Finance – banks, credit unions, checks, money transfer, credit cards, credit history principles and strategy, proof of income or assets.
  • Health Care – start in the US, insurance, Affordable Care Act, doctors, dentists, coachs and psychologists, over the counter and prescription drugs, hospitals, emergency rooms, how to handle emergencies, vaccinations.
  • Cars and transportation – short term or long term rental, purchase, leasing, AAA, driving in the US and police, insurance, frequent flyers, airports priority access TSA Pre and Global entry, train, bus, local transportation, taxis, Uber, Lyft, Waze (car-sharing, currently only in San Francisco).
  • Pets – air transport, veterinaries, insurance, pet sitter, hotels, animal restriction (breeds) and pet deposit/fees for housing rentals (legal in the US).
  • And your everyday life, of course! – local shops, groceries, bread, brand differences, shopping discount programs, English language, units US/metric, URLs and local spots, social networks, French interest groups, leisure and entertainment.
«We enable expats and their family by freeing up their time from unnecessary burden and getting them prepared early. We speed up their relocation in their language.»Alain Charbonnier, CEO & Founder.

Being part of talent networks ourselves, we refer our customers to vetted experts when (and where) they need them, and we contribute to a fast and efficient start of your business, whether it’s a small shop, a startup or a multi-billion dollar company.

We are ahead of the game. We proud ourselves in preparing clients for the move and ensuring they can focus on their business projects first. We smoothe the process and avoid losing unnecessary time. Skip the lines with us!

We provide access to a network of recommended professionals in various domains and connect our customers to the best business networks locally.

We can tailor turnkey projects on clients’ request, like exploratory travel, business meetings and trips arrangements.

And we can also be the eyes of our customer locally, and on request be able to act as if you were already here!

Now, how can we help you ?
Please contact us if you have any question.The MyExpat.US team
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