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A team of experts

It feels different to work with us.

Alain Charbonnier

CEO & Founder
Los Angeles, CA

Alain brings 25+ years of experience of executive management in the HighTech industry across USA, Europe and Asia, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

After 3 international relocations over the last 20 years and all the accumulated real experience, he decided to start this business out of Los Angeles, with some presence in Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, Orlando and New York.

In the last 10 years he has been growing an activity of investor, in the areas of international real estate, as well as energy. Both the market and the technology from our partners have driven the growth of several joint-ventures. He focused in researching and selecting early technologies that can be introduced and commercialized outside the US. He has always been involved in business and strategic partnership developments with large international projects, as well as significant mergers & acquisitions.

Passionate about flying, he is also a commercial instrument multi-engine rated pilot and has flown sea planes and helicopters.

Laurelle Johnson

Head Ambassador & Co- Founder
Los Angeles, CA

Laurelle works closely with expat spouses, co-joint and partners to adjust to the daily American way of life.

She offers a comprehensive program to identify and guide the spouse, co-joint, partner to new areas of interest, employment and adjustment to USA social life.

Laurelle also offers business plans for E2 visa applications, capital funding, and strategic sales initiatives. She has worked with the start-ups, the last 11 years, in the communities of Santa Monica, Venice and Playa Vista.

She was born in Los Angeles to French parents who taught her the beauty of the French culture and language.

Her worldwide travels gives her a deep appreciation of all cultures and a knowledge on how to bridge the gap with American way of life.

Jean-Baptiste Piron

VP Business Development
Los Angeles, CA

Long-term US lover, Jean-Baptiste made his first trip decades ago in New York City.

From that visit, he captured the essence of the american culture and its diversity. He had the chance to discover many cities from East to West Coast by seizing moments and experiences as photographer, its passion.

Based in Los Angeles, the entertainment and movie industry city, Jean-Baptiste is a media expert with 15+ years experience in business development, content negotiations and strategic management for digital video and TV.

As an entrepreneur, Jean-Baptiste is co-founder of MyExpat.US and in charge of marketing.

Michel Charbonnier

Senior Business Advisor
Orlando, FL & Raleigh-Durham, NC.

Bringing 15 years of engineering – that gave him an inquisitive and analytical mindset – and 10 years in real estate into the inspection world.

After moving to the Silicon Valley over 20 years ago as a post-graduate in Electronics and Electrical Engineering, he worked for 10 years designing new high performance chips for the Computer Industry for customers like Intel, Motorola or Asus. he developed technologies allowing new generation chips to have better performances while reducing power consumption.

He then dedicated time finding good investments for family and investors friends and selected mobile home parks as his main investment vehicle. Although ignored by the majority of investors as they are not trendy, they do bring a much better ROI than the usual residential & commercial real estate investments. He still owns and invests in them today.

After 10 years of active real estate investments, he decided to use his recurrent poor experience dealing with home inspectors to get into the home inspection business in order to provide better inspection experiences and services to buyers and home owners.

Cedric Godart

WEB & Media Expert
Brussels, Belgium.

Cedric Godart was a journalist and radio personality in Europe for 20 years. He moved to California in 2013.

Since he moved to the US, Cedric has been a correspondent for RTBF, a public Belgian radio, and Elle magazine on the West Coast. He believes in the power of objective journalism to inform, entertain and educate.

He is also senior copywriter at NewsMaster Belgium working for prestigious European companies like Orange, BNP Paribas, Engie and many more.

In 2015 Cedric worked as a Music Specialist / Managing Editor under NDA in a Fortune 100 company based in Cupertino. After living for two years in San Fransisco, where he studied he “knowledge economy” of Silicon Valley, he moved to beautiful Santa Barbara in early 2016 but regularly drives to San Francisco.

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